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Note: To build OSDB, you must have GNU make.
  1. Copy the OSDB package from the "latest files" section of the OSDB SourceForge site to your system.
  2. Uncompress and un-tar the package into an appropriate directory (this will create an "osdb" directory tree, starting in your current working directory).
  3. cd into the osdb directory
  4. Copy a data package from the "latest files" section of the SourceForge site to your system. We have 4MB and 40MB data files available; the 4MB file is most useful for testing OSDB. The 40MB file is useful for testing system performance.
  5. Uncompress and un-tar the data package in the current directory, and rename the new directory "data".
  6. Type ./configure to locate your current database installations.
  7. Type gmake

You will now find the executables that are appropriate for your system in the ./bin directory.

For example, if we assume that you have copied the osdb and data-40mb packages to /tmp, your session might look like this:

$ tar zxf /tmp/osdb-0_4.tgz
$ cd osdb
$ tar zxf /tmp/osdb-data-40mb.tgz
$ mv data-40mb data
$ ./configure
$ gmake
$ bin/osdb-pg-ui
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